Move In/Out Check List


Throughout the House:

baseboards, windows glass/tracks/screens; blinds; walls wiped as needed; light switches & electrical outlets are wiped; wall heaters are wiped; light fixtures & ceiling fans are wiped; inside all closets; doors frames/door knobs/back, front & top of doors; outside windows as height permits within reach; cobwebs removed; floors vacuumed/ swept/mopped; garbage taken out to a trash container; mirrors wiped; fire place is wiped; outside patio window.


kitchen cabinets inside/out/top; refrigerator inside/ floor under/ back side/top/ freezer/ wall behind; stove top; inside oven; floor under stove; back side of stove, wall behind the stove; under burners; counters; plumbing under the kitchen sink; cabinet drawers removed and cleaned behind & put back; floors swept & washed; inside microwave, stove fan.

Laundry Room:

washer and dryer wiped out/inside; lint removed and lint holder is washed; floor under W/D; wall behind W/D; shelves; water heater is wiped clean; floor cleaned.


Ceiling wiped clean as needed; ceiling fan cleaned; inside cabinets including behind drawers; plumbing under the vanity sink; wall mounted fixtures wiped & polished to sparkle; light fixtures; vanity sink; faucets polished to sparkle; walls as needed, baseboards; bathtub scrubbed, wiped dry and polished to sparkle; shower head polished; toilet inside/out; floor hand washed; mirror cleaned.