House Cleaning Check List


Wipe baseboards; windows tracks/sills/glass; blinds; doors, door knobs, top of the door, door casing including the top of casing; cobwebs;  pictures and picture frames; all knick knacks including the bottom and space under; empty out trash cans in rooms and wipe clean & line with a new bag; take out garbage  & recycling and wipe cans including the bottom and line with new bags; wipe all baskets and other bigger items on floors and either move them away from walls or put them up for purpose of thorough vacuuming &/or cleaning floors & when done carefully put them back in same places; sweep from under area rags and wipe floor, wipe floors  under all dressers and other furniture; dry wipe TV’s & electronics & under electronics & inside TV cabinets; put any misplaced items such as dishes, dirty clothes, coins etc into appropriate places (laundry basket, coin jar, dishwasher etc); empty out clean dishes from dishwasher; put dirty in or wash dishes in the sink; vacuum bathroom floor carpets; sweep and mop kitchen floors and bathroom floor by hand; change bathroom towels and table cloth if dirty; wipe off electrical outlets and light switches; light fixtures and ceiling fans, floors inside all closets.
Pay attention to walls for dirty marks, spots and wipe off as needed.
Wipe all cabinet doors including the inside; inside microwave and under; under all appliances, wipe clean all appliances; empty out bread crumbs from the toaster, top of refrigerator, ledges inside refrigerator & bottom refrigerator grade & front and sides of refrigerator, change dirty kitchen towels, wipe all objects and under in the kitchen, wipe clean any liquid soap bottles, blinds and windows, kitchen table, chairs including chair bottoms, restock paper towels, patio door on the inside and outside, inside appliance garage if applicable, stove top and front, clean kitchen sink, kitchen floor sweep and mop by hand; pay attention to any spots on walls & ceiling and wipe those off.

Base boards, outlets, light switches, light fixtures, towel bars, toilet paper holders, toilet brush holder are wiped clean. Trash can emptied, wiped and lined with a bag if needed, sinks and bathtub are cleaned, rinsed and wiped and polished dry, including faucets, shower heads. Curtain rod wiped. Towels are changed if dirty. Blinds, window, window track and knick knacks are wiped clean, shampoo bottles and shower cuddy wiped clean, floor is done by hand. Mirrors. Toilet inside, check and wipe the wall behind it as needed, outside of toilet.

Everything in “Throughout the house” plus change linens if needed. Dust bed frame, headboard, footboard. Pick up any dirty clothes and put in laundry basket. Straighten up ie books, pillows, blankets, shoes.

Everything in “Throughout the house” plus straighten up throws, pillows, books, magazines, newspapers

Wipe off top of Washer/Dryer, remove lint from dryer, floor by hand, empty out trash.